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3D optical signals overlaid with an estimated organ map

As optical imaging alone does not provide contextual anatomical information, we developed a new tool to complete 3D reconstructions and facilitate intra-organ localization of optical signals.

Atlas Co-registration tool combines 3D Module acquisition data with anatomical information from the Digimouse Atlas. This deformable 3D anatomical atlas offers a detailed representation of the normal morphology and physiology of the mouse. The Digimouse is a three-dimensional whole body atlas from co-registered X-Ray CT and cryosection data of a normal nude male mouse. Seventeen anatomical structures are labeled and the corresponding volumetric tetrahedral organ meshes are also stored.

Optical scatter and absorption values are also assigned to each organ to simulate realistic photon transport for bioluminescence imaging. The Atlas Co-registration tool uses this information to realign the light signals with the approximated organ map of the subject in 3D. Furthermore, in the near future optical density information will be applied to the quantification algorithm for improved estimation or the signal volume and intensity at the site of emission.

Atlas Co-registration is a versatile application that combines information acquired with the 3D Module of the Biospace Lab PhotonIMAGER system with Digimouse atlas data to help researchers gain insight on intra-organ localization of their molecular targets.


Key benefits of the Atlas Co-Registration Tool:

- Provides estimated anatomical information without costly and complicated tomographic modules
- Combines 3D Module acquisition data with anatomical information from the Digimouse Atlas
- Facilitates the visualization and localization of 3D optical signal
- Provides automatic signal quantification for each organ

Visualization of 3D Atlas Co-registration in the Biospace Lab Atlas Viewer Software. Chose organ of intersest, change colors, view from any angle and create eye-catching images for publications.

3D Optical signal in the abdomen overlaid with the Digimouse atlas’ skeleton.


Download our article about the Atlas Co-registration Tool and the StereoCT Module


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