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Biospace Lab’s digital autoradiography systems presents significant interests to complement in vivo acquisitions with

Indeed, autoradiography acquisitions only require the preparation of tissue
sections since the imagers will detect
the exact same labelling which have been used for the SPECT or PET acquisition.

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Autoradiography becomes a fast and easy routine

The BetaIMAGER™ TRACER is the system of choice for applications requiring the highest sensitivity and either high throughput, or larger sample sizes.

Unequalled sensitivity -
High speed autoradiography

Tritium is a reliable beta emitter for measurement of biological samples. Problem is, detection is slow. Traditional film and phosphor imaging methods can take weeks to complete. But now, there’s a better way to meet the high throughput needs of your lab:
The BetaIMAGER™ TRACER system cuts your tritium imaging time from weeks to hours. Exceptional sensitivity can be obtained even with ultra-low energy tritium emissions: the TRACER system detects tritium levels as low as 0,007 cpm/mm2

Large sample size and high resolution in one system

With a 200 x 250mm maximum field of view, the Beta Imager can accommodate up to 15 microscope slides, several larger tissue sections, or TLC plates for simultaneous image acquisition.

Key Advantages

- The unmatched sensitivity cuts your data acquisition time from weeks to hours.

- Detect ultra low levels of bound radiolabeled ligand

- Use minimal amounts of rediolabeled compounds

- Reduce radioactive waste

- Minimize experimental costs

- Exclusive patented dual label imaging and discrimination of two ß emitters.

- Precise quantitation at very short times.


High-throughput screening

Receptor binding studies

Whole body imaging

Electrophoresis gels and blots

In Situ hybridization

TLC plates


A study of NK3 receptor occupancy

The sensitivity of the BetaIMAGER TRACER system allows visualization and quantitative analysis of tritiated senktide binding to NK3 receptor in a matter of hours when other autoradiography methods would have taken months

Langlois et al., 2001

Optical imaging
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